Monday, October 5, 2015

Time Lapse - 1984-2012 Saudi Arabia Irrigation

The first thing that came to me when we were given this assignment was Google Earth Engine. They have awesome data, and who doesn't love a good time lapse?

This is a time lapse of Saudi Arabia irrigation development. It uses Landsat imagery over a course of 28 years to show the growth crops and irrigation. This imagery is pretty awesome because on the first frame, there is almost no sign of irrigation or crops; just a barren dessert. As the years progress, the fields start to appear seemingly out of nowhere, dotting the landscape with crop circles. 

This is a great example of showing how humans can change their environment and their effect on that environment. 

I embedded the video so you can see it here, and I'll give you a link to see it at Google Earth Engine too!

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