Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Civil War in Syria


    This image depicts the Tigris River at the border of Syria and Northern Iraq as the civil war in Syria progresses. Based on this ancillary knowledge one could assume the patches of dots are refugees fleeing over the bridge to Iraq. The boxes within the image may be some sort of storage unit, or construction materials for refugee camps. The dispersal of people in the bottom of the picture would suggest that it is the area that is Syria because they are congregating to try and get across the bridge, while the top part is Northern Iraq since there are few people towards the top border of the image indicating that there are no people coming across the bridge that way.

    This image is particularly interesting because it shows the effects of the war on the people who aren't really involved and the process of displacement. The Syrian Civil War is also timely as it has popped up in US and European news feeds due to Russia's recent involvement despite the war starting back in 2011. It is also interesting because of the level of detail in the photo, as the photo covers a small area with great detail. The source website did not say which satellite the photo was taken from, but from the resolution of the image, it could be a more recent iteration of either Landsat or SPOT.

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