Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Satellite Imagery of California Wildfires

Although this article is a few months old, I came across it while doing research on this summer's wildfires for another class.  This article not only shows true-color images but uses false-color to highlight the area of active burning.  The animation, while somewhat awkward, allows you to utilize the benefits of both color-scales.  In the true-color image the large smoke plume is more visible, while the actual fire is more visible in the false-color image. (Note: We discussed this in lecture today when talking about NDVI v. EVI v. SAVI and this comes up in Lab 4! Even though this isn't about vegetation, the science applies.) 

Also, this article was written as these fires were burning, which shows just how helpful remote sensing can be when time is of importance.  The images were taken and released, and an entire article was written on the very next day.  The images were taken by NASA's Aqua satellite.

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