Monday, October 3, 2016

assignment 2 Image: one is from 2015 the other from 1977

Both photos are of Beijing, the bottom image was taken in 1977, center is well defined.  The shape, is cultural with straight edges, customary in Chinese cities.  The vegetation appears read with in infrared in the gun.  As the you look farther from the center of the city the vegetation gets more dense.  There also appears to be mountains in the west because of the shadow and texture of the terrain.  The agricultural fields appear in contrast with crops ready to harvest and crops not.  Their shape is well defined.
The top photo was taken in 2015, the scale is larger. The center of the city is well defined.  Especially the center, where the wall is visible.  The cultural shape and association of the wall compared to the rest of the city.  There appears to be an attempt of new vegetation growth within the inner city. 

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