Thursday, October 6, 2016

Oct 6th - Image of the Day

While this satellite image is easy to place due to the added state boundaries, I’m from North Carolina where fall colors are a huge event.  Everyone drives up to the mountains with hopes of visiting during peak color.  This image is true-color, as suggested by the green of the vegetation rather than the vibrant red representing near-infrared reflectance from vegetation if this were a false-color image.  Mountains are the second most discernible feature as they have a copper color, and some taller mountains have shadowing as evidence of height.  The gradient of the vegetation’s color is subtle, but taller mountains have a darker vegetation tone, appearing almost burnt orange, having changed earlier due to their higher elevation and cooler climes, while the foothills have more of a yellow tint, having begun the transition later.  Also, the further north along the mountains, the darker and more orange the colors become.  Rivers are noticeable by their dark blue color and sinewy nature, with small thin filaments joining to form larger channels (pattern).  While it is somewhat difficult to tell at this altitude, signs of human civilization are evident.  They come in the form of dense, light areas, such as the few in the center of North Carolina, found towards the right side of the image.  Up close, they exhibit a radiating pattern, with roads leading off to other cities, and a high reflectance due to the lack of vegetation.

(I was hoping to find a grayscale or false-color close up of the changing colors along the mountains, as it would have been more of a challenge to interpret, but couldn't find anything that was quite right.)

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