Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Palm Jumeirah in the U.A.E.

With the weather getting cold,
We'd all like to live on this mold.
But not all is as nice as you'd think,
Let's hope it doesn't continue to sink!

Analysis: The dark area with intermittent areas of lighter blue is likely water, implying that this is a type of island. The precise nature of the shapes involved in this landmass make it seem like it is certainly man-made and unnatural. If it is water, the colors on the fringe of where the water becomes land (a very light blue) are not typical of dirt nor rock, so it appears to be sand. The sandy beach of the land makes it seem like the geographic location will be a relatively warm temperature, while the numerous marinas, hotels, and resorts surrounding the perimeter beach imply that it is probably a major tourist location. 

Info: This is an image of the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made archipelago in the United Arab Emirates. While many people have likely seen this image or even visited, I have always loved the crazy stuff the UAE has done with reclaimed land and I've always thought of this one as one of the coolest.

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