Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hurricane season in the Atlantic

The imagery shows somewhere in Caribbean Sea with a large hurricane clouds, that is almost scary to us who remember Hurricane Katrina, and Sandy.  It is used in unreal story, but the image must be taken from a real remote sensing photo from a satellite.

The imagery is not important in scientific sense because it is used for an article in the Onion, a newspaper filled with jokes and untrue stories.  However, if you have a sense of humor and thoughts on why humans make jokes and be sarcastic sometimes, you would understand this article with the eye-catching imagery tells us something.  Due to climate change, we are encountering stronger and more devastating hurricanes, droughts, regional downpours, and other unusual weather patterns.  It might become true that we may have many more hurricanes this fall than in the past.  Compared to Mother Nature's strength, we humans are so helpless often, which is described by the metaphor of needing candles, even in this electronics age.  Coast lines mentioned in the article keep retrieving due to sea level rise.  And it seems that we are having more large-scale earthquakes, which must not be related to climate change, but makes us think of the environment and the Earth system.

So, this joke article is not truth, but has its own value to make us realize climate change is man-made.  

Posted by Masami Glines

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