Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict

The New York Times's coverage of Israel's invasion of Gaza included helpful uses of satellite imagery. If you scroll down to "Shejaiya" and use the slider to toggle between before and after conflict began, you can see its impact. In particular, look east of the city in the before image. The regular pattern (with homogenous texture) of thin green rectangles (different shades of green) suggests productive agriculture. In the after image, the green is gone, replaced by browns - the pattern is gone too, with much more variation, suggesting disruption. There are however regular strips of light brown stemming from the west that, in association with the border, suggest the movement of troops in Gaza. In my opinion, the image is too small scale to be able to discern much in the way of impact to structures.

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  1. Look carefully at the authors -- Tim Wallace is a UW-Madison Geography graduate! Our students certainly go far...